April 20, 2018

Oops, I did it again!

I know, I know.... The first time shame on you, the second time shame on me.


So yesterday I went to go pick up car #266!  Again, much like my last blog I was pretty stoked to go get it. This turbo would be, according to the owner, "prime for fixing it up and restoring it."  Now I will admit that I have, more times than I can count, gone to pick up a car with the thought of fixing and flipping only to get there and have the disappointment that inevitably comes along with it. 

I do ask for pictures..

I really didn't have the time to go get it as Michelle and Austin are working on a HUGE project (details to come later), currently trying to get things ready for the end of the school year and as the team chair that means scheduling the field trip, Get Real week, coming up with the staff talent show song (we rock), putting a schedule together to get to the YMCA, still doing the youth ministry on Wednesday, trying to help out around the house and still doing the car stuff, but who can resist having a tenth parts car on hand? 

As is pretty typical, I grab the $$, hook up the trailer that still has car #265 on it and....... whoa, hold up..... It still has car #265 on the trailer....with 3 flat tires on it. So the logical way to do this is to is to tie the backside of the car on the trailer to one of the cars on the ground and just pull the truck and trailer away!!  Of course you should remember to set the parking brake on the car on the ground and block the wheels!  Ha, my hillbilly method works for once!  So I grab the set of rims that the young man that I was buying the car from wanted in trade as well as the cash and away I go.


Does anyone else drive the twistiest roads they can rather than take all highway?  I love twisties!!!  


To the meat of the story... I don't do myself any favors when it comes to buying cars. You could tell me that you have what amounts to a  parts car that needs a lot of help for x amount of money and I would get there without high expectations fork over the cash without much thought and be pretty pleased. If you tell me you have a car that only has a little rust and one small dent and would be a great looking and running car with just that little bit of help and I show up and see the car like in the first scenario and I just get a little disappointed in humanity and what I perceive as lying to me. 

So I make it there on time, and in my head will have this nice looking and running car loaded and on the way home with me. I will take it to the title office tomorrow and be ripping around those same twisty roads with my new toy as I am traveling on today with my truck and trailer.  

But alas, I put the car on a  pedestal before it even had a chance.  The car had rust on the area that the young man told me..... as well as the front left fender, the front right fender, the rear section under the hatch, the frame ......... sigh. parts car, but the rims were painted a weird black over the silver phone dials and was flaking, two of the four rims were bent and scraped up, three of the tires were flat ( no biggie), it had the dent like he said, as well as, the fogs were smashed, the dent on the valence, the scrapes, trashed interior, bashing, denting, arggghhhh. I checked under the hood and at least it didn't smell like rat excrement, (see last blog), but I just couldn't bring myself to put it on the trailer. So in the end, at least I got #265 off the trailer. Of course I had to wallow in Wendy's food on the way home. This diet is just not working.  Well, I am not going to be looking for any cars for the next week.....but if you have one you are looking to sell, let me know. Maybe the car can find me?