Pleiman's Powder Coating

How many of us would love to have some old parts that shine like new? We all would! 

Powder coating has the advantage of providing an extremely tough finish that won't scratch or flake nearly as easily as painted surfaces, as well as having an added heat resistance which paint can’t provide. Austin can coat parts that we have in stock or you can ship him your parts to have them media blasted, cleaned, and coated in a variety of colors such as Ink Black, Porsche Grey, Bomber Silver, Poly Satin Gold, Red, Yellow, Super Chrome, and Flatter Black in stock, and any custom color upon request. All these parts come with a coat of clear vision clear for added protection and finishing. 


Don’t be afraid to contact us about having any parts you don’t see on this page coated or about custom colors. We work through Prismatic Powders, who manufacture over 6,500 various base colors and top coats